IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation)

When applying the IVF method, the egg cells first mature in the ovary after receiving hormone stimulation and are than removed with a fine needle. The ovum pick-up (OPU) is monitored by ultrasound. This is an ambulant treatment.

The egg cells will then be placed into a test tube together with the processed sperm cells and left in an incubator for around 20 hours. There a single sperm cell must make its way actively (without external support) through the cell wall for fertilisation.

This method is mostly applied, if the fallopian tubes are severly damaged or have been removed. For IVF a good semen quality is required.
One to three fertilised eggs will be left in the incubator for another 24 hours until they divide and then are transferred back into the uterus.
If more than two or three fertilised eggs are obtained, they can be deep-frozen and possibly used for later treatments.
In the case of successful fertilisation and cell division the embryo will be transferred into the uterus within 48 hours after OPU.

We can neither guarantee that the egg cells will be fertilised nor that the fertilised egg cells will divide or develop as desired.